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Ok, so yesterday was extremely long.
I had 2 new students yesterday I was teaching, one very good, one ...umm...not so good. So that took up the first 4 hours or so of my day.
After that Mandy and I finally met up with my father at Michael's Diner on Rt. 1 (if you know, you know, if you don't, don't worry about it). That was kind of an interesting experience. I'm not sure exactly how to read my father's impressions of either me, her, or the situation... I find it interesting we both showed up with something for the other person. I had handed him a coffee table book of 1950's automobiles (American, of course) and he gave us a bag of fresh basil (I gotta figure out what I'm gonna make to start using it up before it goes bad!) Mandy has expressed concern that I was "talking too much" though my father was able to get more than a few words in edgewise. I realize that by and large Mandy was unfortunately cut out of the conversation. That kinda sucked.
After that (yeah, there's more), we headed up to Mt. Arlington to meet up with Cameron and Alan. That was definitely a good time. Mandy took us all geeking out in stride, that's a good thing. We caught Iron Man (OMG! AMAZING! Definitely one of the better Marvel movies lately!) I have to admit, my opinion regarding the new Incredible Hulk movie has been changed.
After that we hit Ruby Tuesday and played Rock Band. Cameron should never sing..that's all I gotta say about that.

So that was yesterday. Catch ya'll later.
Fun with gaming

Post-Ubercon Report:

I realize I haven't been posting a lot lately, but I've been seriously busy...so sorry for that up front.

So this past weekend was ubercon, and now i've gotta do my report on that.

Well, first off, this is the first time I've ever gone to a convention while Passover was in effect, so that was interesting...and a tad difficult, which makes having stayed at Mandy's instead of the hotel much more appealing and a bigger relief.

Frankly, the place seemed dead. Ubercon used to be a much larger convention, this time it seemed especially tiny. I dunno what that means for their future, but well, there you are. I've heard they're moving to the Radisson in Parsipanny...we'll see what it looks like before I decide if I'll attend that one or not. I think it's getting a little much that the convention keeps moving all over the place, but I've never organized a convention so I don't know the logistics, so I'm not really in a good position to criticize I suppose.

I got some good swag this time around! I picked up D6 Adventure (I can taste Hotfoot's Jealousy from here), Star Wars Miniatures rulebook, and Stormbringer - The RPG. I also got some cool miniatures in my swag bag and a pop-out, build a dragon model kit (Think like Pirates of the Spanish Main type). Mandy managed to get more fuzzy Chuzzles and the game too.

I only had to do 2 panels this convention, "Attending conventions and not going broke" and "Creating Games Everyone Can Play". Had a good time, I was on the panels with Tony Digeralamo (Complete Mafia, Super Frat), MJ Young (Multiverser), Chris O'Neill (Kobolds Ate My Baby), and Peter Schweighofer (D6 Star Wars, WEGS). I even had a few guys come up to me after the panels were over and thank me, even MJ had some fine words for me...that was encouraging.

I got to play a lot of Call of Duty, I've started having a WWII kick lately, dunno why, but I even was watching Saving Private Ryan before the convention (like, a week before or so). Bridge level kept kicking my ass.
Mandy had a good time, except for an over competitive freak who kept trying to beat her out of everything. That got kind of annoying.
Also played Rock Band with Mandy. I was actually able to play the game on MEDIUM and survive!! WOOT! I are happy! Maybe, somewhere deep inside I do have a sense of rhythm.

I also had this big fat gay guy (flamingly gay) who kept giving me shit at Apples to Apples, ASAP, and "The T-Shirt Game". Mandy insists the guy was hitting on me, I insist that it was really getting irritating to the point that everytime she asked if I wanted to play a game, or we were invited to a game, my first question was "is it that guy again?" I was then torn between playing a game along side Mandy, or staying away from the guy...as you can guess, spending time with Mandy won every time.

Mandy also got ticked off at some guy running Killer Bunnies who kept leaving the table, Henry Chi or something? Gonna find out if he's a playroom rep or if he's just some douche bag who kept acting like those playing his game were a nuisance or burden.

I did manage to run into some old friends from previous conventions. Dregg showed up with a new friend, she seemed very cool. Dregg, if you're reading this, *thumbs up* I approve! Ran into Ken as well, sorry I didn't get to spend too much time with ya, just was a very busy man this convention.
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Fun with gaming

Getting back to writing

Yeah...it's been a hectic couple of months...between the break in, jobs, filming, and everything else I've been really neglecting my book writing. So starting next week I'm getting back to writing GAME MASTER TO GAME MASTER (AKA: THE BIG RPG F.A.Q.) I've got 12 pages to make up, and I've got a lot more that needs to get done. I've got people I need to get back in touch with to write sections. I've got pictures and illustrations I need to get done. And most of all, I've gotta line up another editor (my last one has disengaged due to personality conflicts and issues).

As some of you may know, Blood and Leather is in the home stretch. It's about as good as its ever going to get, and I'm actually quite satisfied with it. I want to say thank you to the guys at Bionic Zombie Studios and to everyone who's contributed and playtested at Ubercon, Double Exposure, and here in my home. Also, I owe a big thank you to Jay Libby and the rest of the crew at DillyGreenBeanGames and Studio 187.

Once completely finished, hopefully before the end of July, you'll be able to purchase it from DriveThruRPG and RPGNOW. Stay tuned for more details.
Twitchy ass

Still sick? Yeah, seems that may be the case:

So as some may remember, I got laid out with the flu a few weeks ago, well I've been hocking phlegm and mucus out of my lungs ever since. It's actually gotten so bad that I've actually hurt my side since. It's hard to tell but I either really hurt the muscles in my right side, or I may have actually cracked a rib. I am not sure which is the case, but either way, serious pain when I cough, sneeze, laugh, or if Mandy leans on me.

Just a quick update.
Animated Dragon

Weird Dreams...yeah...again

So I had this weird dream last night where someone rear-ended my car in a parking lot, and then drove off. Weird thing is, my friend Rob Kolinofsky was in a second car, apparently they were friends with the first car, and was riding me and kept saying "Anything to get something for free, that's Dave!" anytime I said I wanted to take the driver to court to get reparations for damages and because it's a hit and run. Also Steve's Comic Relief was moving from their current store front next door into the Heavenly Ham in Mercer Mall.

Weird Dream.
Animated Dragon


As some of ya know I've been really sick for the last five days. I had a serious case of the flu that left me incapacitated and pretty much useless. Mandy was amazing and took excellent care of me and helped to get my 102 fever down to a manageable level. Seriously, she's more amazing than i could have asked for! I know I've got a history of self-destructing meaningful relationships, I did it with Steph, I did it with Sheila, I even sabotaged my reunion with Lisa, but I am doing everything I can not to let it happen this time.
Animated Dragon

got this weird e-mail...


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wn He roamed about distressed The aged saint came home, to find The hermit boy distraught, Revolving in his troubled mind One solitary thought "Why dost thou not, my son," he cried, "Thy due obeisance pay? Why do I see thee in the tide Of whelming thought to-day? A devotee should never wear A mien so sad and strange Come, quickly, dearest child, declare The reason of the change" And Rishyasring, when questioned thus, Made answer in this wise-- "O sire, there came to visit us Some men with lovely eyes About my neck soft arms they wound And kept me tightly held To tender breasts so soft and round, That strangely heaved and swelled They sing more sweetly as they dance Than e'er I heard till now, And play with many a sidelong glance And arching of the brow" "My son," said he, "thus giants roam Where holy hermits are, And wander round their peaceful home Their rites austere to mar I charge thee, thou must never lay Thy trust in them, dear boy-- They seek thee only to betray, And woo but to destroy" Thus having warned him of his foes That night at home he spent, And when the morrow's sun arose Forth to the forest went But Rishyasring with eager pace Sped forth and hurried to the place Where he those visitants had seen Of dainty waist and charming mien When from afar they saw the son Of Saint Vibhandak toward them run, To meet the hermit boy they hied, And hailed him with a smile, and cried-- "O come, we pray, dear lord, behold Our lovely home of which we told-- Due honor there to thee we'll pay, And speed thee on thy homeward way" Pleased with the gracious words they said He followed where the damsels led As with his guides his steps he bent, That Brahman high of worth, A flood of rain from heaven sent That gladdened all the earth Vibhandak took his homeward road, And wearied by the heavy load Of roots and woodland fruit he bore Entered at last his cottage door Fain for his son he looked around, But desolate the cell he found He stayed not then to bathe his feet, Though fainting with the toil and heat, But hurried forth and roamed about Calling the boy with cry and shout He searched the wood, but all in vain; Nor tidings of his son could gain One day beyond the forest's bound The wandering saint a village found, And asked the swains and neatherds there Who owned the land so rich and fair, With all the hamlets of the plain, And herds of kine and fields of grain They listened to the hermit's words, And all the guardians of the herds, With suppliant hands together pressed, This answer to the saint addressed-- "The Angas' lord who bears the name Of Lomapad, renowned by fame, Bestowed these hamlets with their kine And all their riches, as a sign Of grace, on Rishyasring; and he Vibhandak's son is said to be" The hermit with exulting breast The mighty will of fate confessed, By meditation's eye discerned; And cheerful to his home returned A stately ship, at early morn, The hermit's son away had borne Loud roared the clouds, as on he sped, The sky grew blacker overhead; Till, as he reached the royal town, A mighty flood of rain came down By the great rain the monarch's mind The coming of his guest divined To meet the honored youth he went, And low to earth his head he bent With his own priest to lead the train, He gave the gift high guests obtain, And sought, with all who dwelt within The city walls, his grace to win He fed him with the daintiest fare, He served him with unceasing care, And ministered with anxious eyes Lest anger in his breast should rise; And gave to be the Brahman's bride His own fair daughter, lotus-eyed Thus loved and honored by the King, The glorious Brahman Rishyasring Passed in that royal town his life With Santa his beloved wife CANTO X RISHYASRING INVITED "Again, O best of Kings, give ear-- My saving words attentive hear, And listen to the tale of old By that illustrious Brahman told 'Of famed Ikshvaku's line shall spring ('Twas thus he spoke) a pious king, Named Dasaratha, good and great, True to his word and fortunate He with the Angas' mighty lord Shall ever live in sweet accord, And his a daughter fair shall be, Santa of happy destiny But Lomapad, the Angas' chief, Still pining in his childless grief, To Dasaratha thus shall say-- "Give me thy daughter, friend, I pray, Thy Santa of the tranquil mind, The noblest one of womankind" The father, swift to feel for woe, Shall on his friend his child bestow; And he shall take her and depart To his own town with joyous heart The maiden home in triumph led, To Rishyasring the King shall wed And he with loving joy and pride Shall take her for his honored bride And Dasaratha to a rite That best of Brahmans shall invite With supplicating prayer To celebrate the sacrifice To win him sons and Paradise, That he will fain prepare From him the lord of men at length The boon he seeks shall gain, And see four sons of boundless strength His royal line maintain, Thus did the godlike saint of old The will of fate declare, And all that should befall unfold Amid the sages there O Prince, supreme of men, go thou, Consult thy holy guide, And win, to aid thee in thy vow, This Brahman to thy side" Sumantra's counsel, wise and go

Anyone else gotten this thing? What does it mean?
LJ: We Know Drama

An Incomplete Life...

So I was talking with Mandy tonight...and she brought up a sadly true point...I've got a very bad history of not finishing things. So, in an effort to complete several outstanding tasks that I've been working on, meaning to work on, and all that lot, I'm going to focus on completing several things I've been sadly neglecting to keep my eye on. I'll likely be online less, and be posting even less on LJ...sorry.