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Knockaround Thoughts from Knighthawk

Dave Simpson
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Some cool links:
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8-bit Theater http://www.nuklearpower.com/
Homestarrunner.com http://www.homestarrunner.com
Cyanide and Happiness http://www.explosm.net/comics/15/
PVP http://www.pvponline.com
Nodwick http://www.nodwick.com
DorkTower http://www.dorktower.com
SinFest: http://www.sinfest.net
Crazy Man Online: http://crazyman.mattweeks.com/index2.html
Devil's Panties: http://thedevilspanties.keenspace.com/ http://devilspanties.keenspot.com/
Dinosaur Comics: http://www.qwantz.com/
VG Cats: http://www.vgcats.com
Real Life: http://www.reallifecomics.com/
Scatterplot: http://scatterplot.keenspace.com/
Chugworth Academy: http://www.chugworth.com/comic.php
Perry Bible Fellowship: http://www.cheston.com/pbf/archive.html http://www.PBFCOMICS.COM
How It Should Have Ended: http://www.howitshouldhaveended.com
animeaudio.com: http://www.animeaudio.com
Anime Pavilion: http://www.animepavilion.com/
Paizo: http://www.paizo.com
Video Games Live!: http://www.videogameslive.com

My Resume:

David Simpson

The College of New Jersey · Ewing, NJ, December 2003 · Bachelor of Arts in Communications – focus on film · GPA: 3.3
Mercer County Community College · West Windsor, NJ, May 2001 · Associates of Arts in Communications · GPA: 3.86

Technical Skills:
• Steenbeck editing equipment
• Arriflex motion picture cameras
• Filmo motion picture cameras
• Panasonic HD Varicam
• Fader boards
• Switching boards
• TV studio cameras
• Boom microphones
• Digital video cameras
• Adobe Premiere
• Final Cut Pro
• Lighting

Post-Production Internship:
• Transcript writer, Tomboy Chik Productions, New York City, NY, Summer 2003
    • Processed transcripts of feature length documentary from video and audio recordings
    • Performed post-production research for pre-DVD release of documentary; information used in extra segments on DVD

Other Related Experience:
• Seize The Moment; 2008 - Videographer & Sales
• Independent Contracting; 2008-2007 - Videographer
• AgentCasts; 2007 - Real Estate Videographer
• Holoco Inc.; 2007 - promotions talent
Cheer Video Productions; 2007-2006 - freelance camera operator
High School Sports Media Group; 2007-2006 - Senior Staff
• Protech Video Productions; 2006 - freelance assistant
Blacksheep Films ; 2006-2005 - preproduction, script revision, director of photography, assistant director
Greysky Films ; 2006-2005 - freelance field camera operator
• Merrill Lynch; 2006-2005 - freelancer (general)
• Vinayak Ahuja; 2005 - preproduction coordination
• ProVideo Productions; 2005 - editing
Aardvark Videoworks; 2007, 2005 - freelance production assistant
• Channel 23; 2005 - freelance field camera operator
• Pinnacle Property Films; 2005 - freelance field camera operator
• Film editing for TCNJ students; 2003-2002
• “Goof and Smoke” Radio Show; 1998
• Field camera operator for HTV; 1997-1996

Film Accomplishments:
Feature Films
• Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen ; Extra, 2008
Mercy Man ; PA, Art Department, and Extra, 2006
Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy ; Assistant Camera and Production Assistant and Extra, 2004

Independent Films
Mary Woods (formerly Wishing Well) ; assistant director and director of photography, 2005
Sneak Out ; production assistant, 2004

Live Action Shorts
• Cosmo-parody [working title]; actor; 2006
Yellow Belly (aka Day of Atonement); key production assistant, 2005
Four Years ; director of photography, sound technician, and actor, 2004
Clash! ; assistant editor and technical consultant, 2003
Found ; assistant editor and technical consultant; 2003
Give Me My Hot Chocolate You Son Of A Bitch ; assistant director, audio recorder, director of photography, editor; 2003
The Crime ; writer, director, director of photography, editor; 2002
Parking Garage Pickup; co-director, director of photography, editor; 2002

*Untitled Gamers Documentary; featured interviewee; 2007
Women To Women; transcriber; 2005
Angel’s Wings; director of photography, editor; 2003
Trembling Before G-d; transcriber; 2003
Searching for Silent Bob; director of photography; 2000

Music Videos
??? - Nerd School; Grip, Camera Operator, Production Assistant; 2006
The Spill Canvas - Staplegunned; Grip, Assistant Camera, PA; 2006
Orson & Shiris; director and editor; 2004
Trogdor: Lodoss Style; director and editor; 2003 (Otakon 2005 AMV Competition)
A Needle In My Eva’s Hand; director, editor; 2003
Go Rally Go; director and editor; 2002 (Showed at Otakon 2003)

Sports Filming
• High School Sports Media Group - various sports; 2007-2006
• Peddie Athletics Dept. - various sports; 2006-2005

Other Credits and Honors
• Contributor to Interlock Unlimited, 2008
Ubercon panelist; 2008, 2006
• Assisting in building Sun Love Games' website: www.sunlovegames.com; 2008
• Interviewed on behalf of R. Talsorian Games; 2007
• Personality in gamer documentary; 2007
• Game Developer and promoter for Dimenshia for Holoco; 2007
• Promoter of JUST ANOTHER ROMANTIC WRESTLING COMEDY for Uczkowski Films; 2007
• Created and supervised the demo team for R. Talsorian Games; 2007-2005
• Alternate Realities Publications' online PR representative; 2006
• MCCC's JAM video segment, director of photography for Jon Geier; 2006
• Published in Songs of Honour, Noble House Publishing; Summer 2006
• Interviewed on behalf of R. Talsorian Games; 2006
• Freelance writing for DreadGazebo; 2006
• Trogdor - Lodoss Style! competed at Otakon 2005; 2005
• Game Tester for R. Talsorian Games; 2005
• Go Rally Go shown at Otakon 2003; 2003
• Stop-Motion Experiment: Dueling Gundams; 2002 (16mm B&W Reversal)
• Contributed to production of Irresponsible Captain Tylor DVDs; 2001
• Published three different works in "Open", Mercer County Community College's creative works publication; 2001
• Won White Wolf Role-Playing Challenge; 2000
• Published poet "From Silver Fountains"; 1999
• Demo Team Member for Guardians Of Order; 1998
• Published poet "Parallax"; 1996
• Officer (Junior Steward, Chaplain, Marshal)in the Order of DeMolay (Capital Chapter); 1997-1995

*For those who are curious about the details: Go Rally Go was met with a very positive reception. I play tested Cyberpunk V.3 at I-Con 2005 along with Cameron. The White Wolf Role-Playing Challenge was a role-playing competition that resulted in me winning a free copy of White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I demoed / play tested Guardian Of Order's first edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth.

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